Our Worry-Free Window Cleaning Promise


Scheduling - Don't worry.  We'll set your date for you, show up on time, and leave you with a sparkly view, unobstructed, flowing gutters, a bright, safe sidewalk and whatever else you'd like cleaned. Just let us know if you'd like clean windows every six months, every quarter, or even just once a year and you'll be put right into our automatic scheduling system and never have to remind yourself to do it again.


Your Home - Don't Worry. We cover surfaces, wipe drips, and take extra care around your precious belongings.  You'll hardly know we were there.  Our technicians are quiet - most of them use audio headsets and listen to fantastic books while they work. You won't be bothered by stereos or the loud profane ramblings that characterize some other work crews you've probably encountered in your neighborhood.


Our Crews - Don't Worry.  "I don't believe you can overly stress training.  I spend months on safety, technique, and care before I'm satisfied that a window cleaner meets the standards I've set.  Wren Windows employee certification program is one of the toughest you'll see from a service business, and that gives me confidence in the crews and it gives my customers confidence that they're getting the best work in the area." - Rick Wren