About Wren Windows

You know how some people stumble into the perfect line of work?

That's what happened to Rick Wren back in 2003.  For years he'd been working as an Automation & Controls Engineer and becoming less and less satisfied with the work and the direction his career was moving.  100-hour weeks and living out of a suitcase in some of the most dingy factory towns in the country isn't many people's idea of the American dream.  Knowing he needed a change and risking it all, he quit his job and the security that went with it and decided to try some different things.  For a while he designed and built exhibits at the Science Museum of Minnesota (some of those exhibits are on permanent display - ask him and he'll tell you which ones) and he worked with various theaters and venues about town to build sets, scenery, install lighting and sound.  It was fun, but still wasn't his own thing.

As an income supplement, he began washing windows.  He immediately fell in love with the work. It appealed to his sense of perfection and to his love of accomplishment. His clients are among the most interesting and accomplished people in the Twin Cities and he found enjoyment in talking with them.

Wren Windows took off and it wasn't very long before he needed help, so he called on his brother who was living in Idaho at the time.  "Come help me. I'm swamped with work," was how that first conversation went. They worked as a team for several years and now each of the Wren brothers runs his own Wren Windows crew.