Cleaning With Pure Water

We’ve added an innovative cleaning method!

Pure Water Window Cleaning in St. Louis Park, MN by Wren Windows

Using the latest technology from Europe, we can now clean your windows from the safety fo the ground AND leave your windows cleaner AND  clean the frames and other surfaces.

We use high-end telescopic poles that are so light, we can work with them all day long.  With these poles we can reach 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th floor windows.  At the end of the pole is a custom designed brush that can agitate all the dirt and even stubborn marks like bird droppings and dissolve them.

Once the dirt is off the glass with rinse it with spot-free water produced through our own 4 stage purification process. This technology removes all the minerals from our cleaning water so that when it dries, you will only see perfectly clean glass.

We use this system on select homes. It works great on houses with grand second and third floor views and on homes with a lot of cut-up or French-style small panes. Of course, we can only use pure water on your home's exterior.

Pure Water Window Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN by Wren Windows
Pure Water Window Cleaning in Minnetonka, MN by Wren Windows

The Advantages of Pure Water Window Cleaning:

#1 Safety. We can clean high windows – up to 40-feet – without ladders, which for you means less big, heavy ladders moved across your property and less ladder placement issues (especially on uneven or obstructed landscaping). We're safer and you worry less!

#2 Cleaner Frames and Mullions. With the brushes, we are scrubbing not only the glass surface, but also the exposed external mullions, frames, and enclosure. This all then gets rinsed with pure water.

#3 The Windows Stay Clean Longer – even the best window cleaner, using chemicals or soap solution, leaves a very thin, invisible film on the glass. This residue will attract dust. It happens with everything from soft soap to ammonia to Windex. Purified water removes all residue and leaves the glass in as close a state to its original manufacture as is possible.

Which one of these pictures looks like a safer place to be?

... we like the second picture too :)

Pure Water Window Cleaning Avoids Ladder Dangers
Pure Water Window Cleaning in St. Louis Park, MN by Wren Windows